Jee Remedy is one of the most dynamic and diverse bands around.  We take our guests through a journey of explosive fun, joy, peace and love, by playing all the top hits from the 1950’s to NOW.  The memories and excitement of this journey leaves you wanting more. You can't help but get on the dance floor, and you'll never want to leave!

We are currently recording and performing live in Toronto, Ontario.  Each player’s eclectic styles and skills come together to form a powerful chemistry and sound.

We have Wesley Collett on Bass, known as “The Bass Man.”  He plays a solid and gut thumping bass sound.  

We have Karel Gondor on drums.  He is a diverse player that can whip out any tune to perfection in a very short time.  

We have Jake Franczek on lead and rhythm guitar. His soft... to fun....to edgy guitar playing comes from his core. The feeling he emotes never fails to move the audience.  

And lastly we have Jee Jee, who is the bandleader and lead vocalist.  She can sing almost every style to perfection, and can emote just what the song is trying to express.  She never holds back and can entertain the audience through her captivating vocals and by directly interacting with the audience.  

We are a strong team and can’t wait to wow you, get you dancing and leave singing all the tunes! Check out our completely live videos on YouTube.

Enjoy the ride!!!…

Vocals - JeeJee 

Hi there, I’m Jee Jee, the energetic entertainer.  I am a professional vocalist that loves to sing rock, pop, blues, country and jazz…well anything you can think of!!!!  

I’ve been singing professionally since I was 21 years old after completing my degree in Jazz and Contemporary program at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario.  I’ve been in many bands that played all around Ontario, Canada.  I also played my original music around Toronto for a few years.  

After putting originals aside, I decided to sing covers and performed for many weddings, corporate parties and festivals. It was a blessing touring Europe and the Caribbean singing for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. This has all led me to put my own band together - Jee Remedy - where we can bring all the joy and celebration to your party now!


Guitar/Backup vocals - JAKE

Jake Franczek started writing songs as a teenager and soon discovered the guitar by accident. The passion came over him and he spent considerable hours practicing music. 

Meanwhile he composes, arranges, records and plays for various artists and formed his jazz group "Voicing" in which he played several years.   


Wesley Collett-Taylor is a bassist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from Peterborough, Ontario, now living and working in Toronto.  Wesley studied upright and electric bass at Humber College where he had the opportunity to study with artists such as Mike Downes, Pat LaBarbera, John McLeod, Lisa Martinelli, and Drew Jurecka.  Wesley performs both as a bandleader and as a sideman on many projects with fellow Toronto musicians, playing jazz, folk, rock, and pop music.  His first EP of original compositions, Port Cities, recorded with The Anthology Project, is scheduled to be released later this year.


At 26 years old, Karel Gondor has been playing drums and percussion for 11 years. Starting at 15, Karel studied and played up until graduating from Humber College’s Bachelor of Contemporary Music, in 2017. Over the past 4 years, some highlights include being featured in some of Humber College’s showcase concert series in various musical idioms, as well as being featured on the Humber Studio Jazz Ensembles’ recording “Fat Cat” alongside legendary saxophonist Donny McCaslin. Recently, Karel has been focusing on composing original music that reflects his unique perspective and blends poetry and storytelling with Jazz, Rock and World Music. Currently, Karel is working in many musical projects, performing in and out of the city of Toronto.